Clear Finish Countertop Protection

Clear Finish Countertop Protection

Bi-component polyurethane protective resins with high performances

Clear Finish Countertop Protection is a water-based bi-component protection coat for interiors, with high performances.
Clear Finish Countertop Protection is suitable for the protection of various horizontal surfaces, such as kitchens countertops or bathrooms, decorated with Wall2Floor Top Coat NF.
Thanks to the synergy of the chemical properties of acrylic and polyurethane non-yellowing aliphatic polymers, it allows to obtain finishes with excellent resistance to wear and to the daily cleaning up operations.
Clear Finish Countertop Protection has good resistance to cold liquids and heat resulting from contact with hot cups, but it is not recommended any contact, even for a short period, with hot-pots. This finish is not resistant to falls of heavy objects.

Available also in the Ultra Matt finish. 


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